Freddie Mac requires lenders to operate a quality control program for home mortgages that is acceptable to Freddie Mac. It says that a commitment to quality begins before an application is taken and continues throughout all business functions.


The purpose of a quality control program is to monitor and evaluate the integrity of the origination process and to provide feedback to the organization about its originations. This feedback is used to adjust and improve production processes.


Effective quality control programs are designed to monitor and evaluate the specific characteristics of a lender's organization and reflect the:

  • size and structure of the lender's organization,
  • experience and expertise of the staff,
  • geographic areas of the lender's operation,
  • branch structure,
  • volume and types of mortgages the lender originates,
  • origination sources used, for example, from mortgage brokers or correspondents or via the internet,
  • any significant changes in the product lines, origination sources or production process and
  • controls the lender has in place to ensure that internal policies and procedures are followed.

Some key components of the Freddie Mac quality control guidelines include specific requirements covering:

basic elements of the QC program,


auditing system and procedures for origination,


document reverification requirements,


documentation reviews and


data integrity reviews.

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