The Quality Control Reference Service is a twice-a-month document service that provides you with all important documents having to do with QC or single-family mortgage regulatory compliance that have been issued during the past half month. Among the areas it covers are:

  • consumer financial privacy,
  • predatory lending,
  • mortgage servicing,
  • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act,
  • Truth in Lending Act,
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act,
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act,
  • PMI cancellation under the Homeowners Protection Act,
  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act,
  • Fair Housing Act,
  • Community Reinvestment Act,
  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act,
  • Flood Disaster Protection Act,
  • FHA mortgagee letters and VA circulars and guidelines,
  • Fannie Mae announcement and letters and
  • Freddie Mac bulletins and industry letters.

The Quality Control Reference Service is an annual subscription of 24 issues. Each issue of the Reference Service includes an executive summary expalining the source and impact of each document. The e-book version, which provides the files in PDF format, is fully indexed, searchable and printable.


HUD, VA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac each requires lenders do business with them to stay maintain an up-to-date library of the agency's issuances. The Reference Service offers a good way to painlessly keep your library of government issuances and other reference materials up-to-date.