The Caldwell Quality Control Plan is the leading QC and regulatory compliance solution for mortgage lenders, correspondents, sponsors and and mortgage brokers. It fulfills the quality control requirements of FHA, VA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. You can use it as your "off-the-shelf" quality control plan to submit to these agencies.  

The Caldwell QC Plan distills the federal mortgage lending regulations, the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines and the FHA and VA requirements into a clear, comprehensive, step-by-step resource for mortgage lending. Every step is fully annotated. The rules and procedures you need to follow for establishing and organizing the company's quality control environment, and for processing, underwriting, closing, servicing and auditing single-family mortgage loans are carefully laid out. Learn more about what the QC Plan covers.


The QC Plan incorporates the essential requirements of more than a dozen federal statutes that affect single family mortgage lending. It includes procedures that you can use to comply with laws like RESPA, the Truth in Lending Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and many other federal statutes. Learn more about the statutes and regulations the QC Plan covers.


Many lenders say that the best thing about the Caldwell QC Plan is how useful it is in answering the questions about the day-to-day work of originating or servicing mortgage loans. This indispensable reference work has no rival as a resource for mortgage professionals when issues come up that require fast, authoritative answers.


A key component of quality control is an effective audit program. When it's time to check how well the work has been done, the audit component of the Caldwell QC Plan provides everything you need. The quality control checklists designed to review many different kinds of loans help the QC reviewer to find errors and lapses. A wide variety of model audit reports guide reviewers and management in tracking trends, reporting and responding to errors. Learn more about the compliance review audit program component.


The QC Plan comes in a two-volume full edition, which covers both origination and servicing, and in a one-volume originator's edition for brokers, correspondents and lenders who sell loans servicing released. This looseleaf manual is also available on CD in a convenient and easy-to-use paperless electronic version as a PDF document. An update service that revises the Plan four times a year to keep it current and fully in compliance with all federal and secondary market requirements is also available. Click here for information on pricing and how to order.