The Loan Originator's Edition of the Caldwell QC Plan for Mortgage Lending includes everything in the full version except the servicing component. It is the leading QC and regulatory compliance solution for mortgage brokers, correspondents and other originators who do not retain servicing. It fulfills the QC requirements of FHA, VA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. You can use it as your "off-the-shelf" quality control plan to submit to these agencies.  
This complete quality control plan includes everything you need for in-house quality control of single-family mortgage origination. It provides you with policies and procedures to help make sure that for your QC and regulatory compliance organization, mortgage origination, in-house audit procedures and management response to audit findings meet your needs as well as government, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac requirements.  
The Loan Originator's Edition of the Caldwell Quality Control Plan for Mortgage Lending is also available on CD. This e-book includes the full text of the classic paper version in a convenient PDF file format. This version is great if you are operating in or migrating to a paperless office environment.    

Like the classic book version, the e-book CD also includes the full text of over 100 forms and checklists covering regulatory compliance, loan origination, QC audit procedures and much more for your use in word processing format.