The Caldwell Quality Control Plan for Mortgage Lending meets or exceeds all HUD/FHA quality control requirements for single family lending under FHA's Title II mortgage insurance programs. It's the leading QC and regulatory compliance solution for mortgage lenders, correspondents, sponsors and and mortgage brokers. If you fully implement this QC plan you can use it as your "off-the-shelf" quality control plan to submit to HUD when appplying for FHA approval. We can even supply a CD version that you can submit to FHA with your application.  

HUD has lengthy and complex quality control requirements that FHA mortgage originators, lenders and servicers must meet. These requirements are designed to assure that the lender has a process to assure that its employees meet all FHA mortgage origination and servicing rules and requirements. The QC requirements are distilled in HUD Handbook 4060.1 REV-1, Chapter 6. If you would like to review how the Caldwell QC Plan meets each of these requirements, click on the link to the right and read the memo that addresses each HUD requirement and how the QC Plan meets it.


If you would like to review the HUD QC requirements for yourself, click on the link to the right, which will take you to HUD Handbook 4060.1 REV-1, Chapter 6. There is a PDF file that you can download and print out.