The Quality & Compliance Alert gives you in-depth analysis of both the secondary market's quality control guidelines and the federal consumer protection and regulatory requirements that affect single-family mortgage lending. It's the only publication that tells you how to stay in compliance and avoid mistakes that can lead to trouble. The QC Alert is available in paper or in a downloadable PDF version.    

Government and secondary market rules and policies change frequently. No mortgage lender or broker can afford to ignore the constant flow of revisions to QC and regulatory requirements. Innocent mistakes can lead to a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan repurchase, a government enforcement action or a borrower lawsuit. If you know someone who has faced this prospect or if you have faced it yourself then you appreciate how important it is to stay current on the many federal laws, rules and regulations that govern mortgage lending today.


Whether it's the intricacies of establishing and operating an information security program, implementing Freddie Mac's new requirements for documenting record ownership aimed at preventing property flipping in a Freddie Mac loan or untangling FHA's new policy on providing FHA appraisers with data on financing ansd sales concessions, the QC Alert can guide you safely through the compliance minefield.


This monthly newsletter is a "must-read" for any mortgage professional who needs up-to-date, in-depth analysis of mortgage compliance and loan quality issues. It covers all single family mortgage compliance issues including:

  • consumer financial privacy,
  • predatory lending,
  • mortgage servicing,
  • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act,
  • Truth in Lending Act,
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act and FACT Act,
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act,
  • PMI cancellation under the Homeowners Protection Act,
  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act,
  • Fair Housing Act,
  • Community Reinvestment Act,
  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act and
  • Flood Disaster Protection Act.

It also covers all single-family QC issues under Fannie and Freddie Mac guidelines, including Desktop Underwriter and Loan Prospector and the FHA and VA mortgage guidelines.